About Dakota Web Creations

Providing Professional Website Designs For 30 Years

Dakota Web Creations was started in 1997 by Tony Nickles.  I started in the printing and mailing industry in about 1977, and after college I took some classes to learn more about programming (COBOL and other printing related proprietary languages).  When the internet first emerged, it was very easy to look at the original HTML coding of early web pages and "teach" myself via trial and error how to start developing websites.

Eventually I bought HTML, Java, Javascript and later CSS programming books, and self taught myself how to utilize these too.  It was then that people started asking me if I could build them a site for this or that, and so I started DWC.  A few years later, I started learning to use Corel, and eventually migrated to Photoshop and Illustrator.

It was great to be building websites for people, but then the internet kept migrating and evolving.  Once the "search engine" was developed, the needs of the website owner changed-they needed t