Professional Brochure Design

Dakota Web Creations Provides Professional Brochure Designs

Brochures are a vital, efficient, cost-effective and needed source of marketing for your company and services.  Because of the simplicity of this type of marketing, compared to other media options, and the power they can contain by delivering a powerful first impression and a long-lasting impact, brochures are the choice of many companies for their marketing needs.

Brochures are visualized, designed and created to be a self-promotional, "mini-billboard" of your services and products.  These single- or multi-sheet brochures are printed in one, two or four-color process.  They are usually your "follow-up" call to your prospective clients, because after handing them out at trade shows, for example, it is your hope that the brochure is designed in a manner to generate additional interest and evoke contact from the prospective customer.  Therefore it is important that your design have a lasting impact on them.  Brochures are among the most versatile promotional materials for businesses.

Types Of Brochures

There are many different types of brochures, consisting of:

  • Single-sheet.  Single-sheet brochures are designed on one double-sided sheet of paper, with the most common brochure size being a standard 8.5" x 11" sheet.  When folded in half, these sheets become four-page brochures.  If folded in thirds, they become six-paneled (three in back, three in front) brochures.  Other sizes are 8.5" x 14", 11" x 17", and other custom sizes.
  • Multi-sheet.  Multi-sheet brochures are larger documents using several double-sided sheets of paper.  When folded in half, each sheet represents four pages that are then nested and stitched together, like a booklet.

Designing Brochures

When designing brochures, you will need to take into account the paper stock, the colors, and the folds of your brochure.  Using a coated stock will increase the glossiness and make your brochure look more professional.  You also will need high-resolution images an